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- by Clifford Thomas Alderman

The first human inhabitants of present-day Burlington were members of the Tunxis Tribe, who belonged to a confederation of Algonquian Indians. Legend holds they used the area as a hunting ground.

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Made in Burlington, Then and Now
Our theme, "Made in Burlington, Then and Now", was introduced at our Annual Meeting in November. Jerry Mullen presented an excellent and informative program on his family business, William R. Hartigan & Sons. It is located near the Farmington River, at the corner of Routes 4 and 179, and has operated continually for 144 years. The standing room only crowd was well rewarded with the history of his family and their business.

BHS plans to have a number of historical and current businesses highlighted throughout the year.

Jerry Mullen/BHS Annual Meeting
Tavern Day
Sunday, September 7th